Disabling autorun in Windows 7

Autoplay / autorun is one of the features of Windows 7 which serves to open the file in the data media (CD / HDD External / stick, etc.) automatically.
There are some disadvantages if enabled Autorun feature of Windows, namely:

1. If the CD / HDD External / stick contains a virus then the virus can easily attack your computer via the autorun feature windows 7
2. Windows 7 will allocate memory for the autoplay feature, so it could drain of computer memory.

Actually you can disable autorun / autoplay windows 7. Here is how to turn off / disable autoplay windows 7

1. On the Start menu, select Control panel
2. Select hardware and sound
3. select Autoplay
4. Remove / uncheck the "Use Autoplay for all media devices"
Click the Save button

Good luck

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