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Point of Interest (POI) in Photography

Photography sciences are increasingly easy to find in the various virtual world sites, and many people who use these facilities to learn about photography. Bali is an island of the gods and the island of thousand temples, so it is feasible to be a place in the world photography.
One of which became major in photography is Point of Interest (POI), a point of interest equal to the principal thoughts in writing. POI is about what you want to convey in a photo. POI is a core theme of your photo. A good photograph should only be there first with a POI or a background and foreground. as photos below  taken by one of dphotostudio.net fotograper, capture in Kuta Beach  :
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  1. foto saya kok bisa masuk kesini ya... watermarknya jangan diilangin dong boss..tks

  2. dri fb, sudah tertera sumber foto yaitu dphotostudio.net, thx bos atas kunjungannya.


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